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The Endowment's fiscal year begins on July 1 and runs through June 30.  Listed below are the critical dates and the most current forms:

Pre-Proposals - The first call for Pre-Proposal applications is February 1 and all pre-proposals are due no later than June 1.  Pre-Proposals must strictly follow submitting guidelines or they will be returned.  The review and notification process will be completed within 90 days.  Pre-Proposal Application

Full Proposals - If selected by the Board of Trustees after they receive inputs from industry representation, researchers will be notified in early October to submit full proposals.  Full Proposals must be received by November 15 and they must follow submitting guildelines or they will be returned. Full Proposal Application

June 1 - Annual Progress Reports & Continuing Funding Requests are due to AFE for currently funded AFE projects.

An independent scientific peer review will be carried out by January 10th.  Final selection of full proposals to be funded will be determined at the Board of Trustees Meeting in in late January with the first allocation amounts being determined at the Endowments annual meeting in July.  Researchers who have been selected to be funded wil be notified in early February by e-mail and postal mail.  This allows for the recruitment of Graduate Students to take place in the spring.

Continuing Projects Funding Request - The Continuing Projects Funding Request has been incorporated into the Progress Report Application and is due no later than June 1.  Continuing project funding is subject to review by the Board of Trustees and is contingent on the availability of funds.  Final funding will be announced after the Endowment's Annual Meeting in July.  All documents must follow guidelines or they will be returned.  Continuing Projects Funding Request

Final Special Research Report - A Final Project Report is required for all projects that are terminated.  The Report must summarize the results of the project, its scientific accomplishments, and the impact to the industry.  The Report(s) are due within 30 days of the termination of the project.  Final Special Research Report

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