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Floriculture Research Funding

Why does the Endowment Funds Production and Post-Harvest Scientific Research?

jungers wedding on st. simons 091Endowment funded Production and Post-Harvest Scientific Research Projects provide essential knowledge for a growing and dynamic floricultural industry. The complex and diverse structure of the industry makes it difficult for single entities or individuals to support highly comprehensive research programs.

The Endowment, however, allows all industry representatives regardless of size to contribute and assures continuous industry related research, thus maintaining a strong, vibrant floriculture industry.

Who benefits from a strong floral industry?

The answer is simple - Everyone! Currently, the size of the industry is estimated at $19 billion annually and growing. It is third in wholesale agricultural value, second only to corn and soybeans. The industry provides jobs throughout the economy. In addition, it offers aesthetic products that meet consumer demands and needs. It has been proven that the diversity of floral products provides added value and quality of life to the consumers.

What research is required to ensure that the floral industry thrives and meets the expectations of all its segments and the consumers?

The answer is not simple and needs change over time. The AFE Board of Trustees fully understands this challenge. Prior to making yearly funding decisions, they receive inputs from many industry and scientific sources. Thus, industry needs and creative research projects drive the funding process.

The primary research priorities are listed below. They are focused on all floricultural crops - bedding plants, fresh cut flowers, fresh cut greens, flowering potted plants and foliage plants.

research scientistPrimary Production and Post-Harvest Research Priorities:

1. Plant Breeding and Genetic Engineering of Floricultural Crops

2. Management Systems for Diseases of Floriculture Crops

3. Management Systems for Insects Affecting Floricultural Crops

4. Management Protocols for Floriculture Crops

5. Post-Harvest Management Systems for Floriculture Crops

Some of the many AFE research projects that have directly benefited you and your business:

• Improving Cut Flower Longevity
• Best Care and Handling Practices
• Pest and Disease Management
• Production Technologies


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